Dz south division 2

This is your easiest way to earn some high exotic loots. One important thing I will recommend you to visit the Dark Zone unless you reach Level This also changes the rarity of item drops. In the east of map enter Labor Department — Landmark Hard. Beware of Hyenas in this region.

The chest is located on the top of steps. For the next chest follow the marked location on the image above, just go north and you will see a building in form of a inverted C shape.

dz south division 2

Look for a slope that goes down it will lead you to underground parking. The chest is located near a Black pickup truck.


The third one is easiest to locate, from your last location go northwest and you will reach a building with huge stairs in the front. Go up and the chest in the middle. Keep going north to the end until you reach a construction area. Visit the build marked on the image, go inside and look into the room on your left to locate the chest. The next one is nearby, walk to the east and look for a abandoned park. The chest is kept near a old benches on the lower part of park region.

From the above region the abandoned park walk a little bit further to the east side follow the main road. There is a triangular shape building and a alley. Search for a parked truck, behind it is a entrance into the building that takes you to a lower room. Just go inside and look on the right corner in second room. After taking the Chest 6 keep walking east until you see a open contaminated area. The place has lots of cylinders placed into a open structure, look for a green control panel, the just is place near it.

In the same region exit the building and walk to the marked location on the map, you will reach a region with lots of parked army truck the chest is near a dead body.

A title south the region there is area with lots of toxic waste containers, the chest is kept on it. From the last chest location, walk to the south side and look for stairs. Look on left down you will spot two blue truck with text on them. It will point you to underground parking, the chest is near the car checkpoint.

Just walk a little to the south east side to find a open region with wooden longs and huge rock columns. Look for a bulldozer and behind you can easily find huge rock columns. The chest is on it. The next location is a underground parking lot of a building, look for a slope that takes you in, the first chest is on the east wall between two cars and for the second one look for a open door with an garbage bin outside. Go inside and you can see graffiti on wall the chest is on the left.

dz south division 2

The next one is not far from where you got the upper two. Keep walking east and locate a stage, the chest on it. Next is outside the building take the route towards north. You have to scan this region the chest is inside a tent. There one in the dump yard, just search a shed and the chest is easy to find.

Next you can head to the mall where you will find two more chest, the first on is in the entrance region near the Christmas tree and the second done on the backside of the mall in a container.

This website uses cookies to improve your experience.The Division 2 keeps what set the original from other similar looter shooters: The Dark Zone. While the original game only had one, the sequel has three distinct Dark Zones, where some of the tensest moments of The Division 2 come from, and where the very best loot can be found. Our The Division 2 Dark Zone guide will walk you through these perilous areas of the map, detailing how to unlock them as well as chest locations and useful tips on surviving and thriving in the Dark Zones.

Want to know everything about the various different systems in The Division 2? More will be discovered as Agents pile into Washington D. Since the Dark Zone is a little alien of a concept for all but the most experienced, this guide will go over how to get into the Dark Zone, where the Dark Zone chests are, what you can find in there, and some extra tips for surviving — whether you want to forge alliances so that everyone can escape with some of the best loot, or break them and take them all for yourself — ya cheeky scamp!

You will then need to complete a short mission for each Dark Zone, performing a bit of reconnaissance of the area and giving you a taste of the chaos of Dark Zones, while not actually having other players.

As you play this mode, there are separate rankings for your performance in the Dark Zone. These can go up and down, depending on how well you perform in there, such as killing enemies, killing other players, or getting away with being a rogue, among other actions.

Upon levelling up in the Dark Zone, you can unlock new perks specifically for use in the Dark Zone, via the staff member at the White House. Tier 6 25 Explosions! Tier 6 25 Vanish Nameplate visibility to other agents is reduced while rogue.

Tier 7 30 X-Ray Eyes Rogue nameplate detection range increased. Tier 11 50 Can't Catch Me! Tier 11 50 Click the image for a full size version. The best loot tends to be found in the Dark Zone chests. You can obtain keys by either killing other players while in Manhunt status, or have a chance at grabbing a key from a yellow elite enemy upon taking them out.

Below are the locations in more detail for each of the six DZ East chests that you can loot:. Finally, before we go, here are some changes for the Dark Zone in The Division 2, for those returning from The Division 1. If you click our links to online stores and make a purchase we may receive a few pennies.

Find more information here. More about Tom Clancy's The Division 2. As guides writer for Rock, Paper, Shotgun, it is my privilege to understand how to play certain games well, so that newer players can understand the more complex things about them.

More by me. Wot I Think: The Division 2. E3 games - every game confirmed. Beyond A Steel Sky needs work, but it already has really great puzzles.

Blade Runnery city builder Industries Of Titan is out now in early access.Gear Crate - on the raised area overgrown with foliage. Access using the green container or from the east. Dark Zone Crate - underground in the car park. Just at the entrance barrier to the car park.

With the our guide to Division 2 you will know exactly where to go and what to look for! All chests marked as Minor Loot may contain valuable supplies to craft new equipment. This chapter is especially useful for people who don't have any knowledge about the area - our map will help you find out where to search for valuable items.

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The Division 2: How to Unlock Dark Zones

Table of Contents. You can enter from the west. Comms - 1st floor. On some desks. Comms - at the top of the checkpoint tower. Gear Crate - against the wall of the building. Gear Crate - against the wall near the jeep. Gear Crate - In the alley, beside some steps. Gear Crate - in a small alcove in the alley. Gear Crate - in the corner to the left of the entrance to the National Postal Museum.

Gear Crate - just under the concrete awning. Gear Crate - under the metal structure by the gate. Gear Crate - up some steps, in front of an over grown tent. Minor loot - Down a few steps, in the small inlet. Minor loot - On the outside wall. Minor loot - In the small alley. Minor loot - Inside the army tent. Minor loot - Inside the fenced off area, on top of some crates.

Minor loot - Underground. In a dark corner of the car park. Dark Zone Crate - In the northeast corner of this area. Dark Zone Crate - In the open by some benches. Dark Zone Crate - Inside the building. Dark Zone Crate - In the basement.

Dark Zone Crate - Just at the top of the stairs.By creating an account, you verify that you are at least 13 years of age, and have read and agree to the Comicbook. Now that players with early access have jumped into Tom Clancy's The Division 2many of them are fighting their way towards level 30 before Friday's official launch.

Doing so will enable these players to be ready to get the best gear possible when heading into Dark Zones, the title's PvPvE areas. Speaking of which, here's how to access The Division 2 's three Dark Zones.

dz south division 2

The first thing you'll want to do is keep chipping away at the main campaign. As you progress through this, you'll want to upgrade the Theater Settlement to Level 3, which will then allow you to recruit Senait Ezera. Seeing as DZ East is the first Dark Zone players encounter, it will be the lowest level of the three. This also makes it the easiest of the three, as it will contain players between levels 10 and 19 with some AI baddies scattered about.

Upon reaching the front entrance of DZ East, you'll be guided to where you need to go to open the gate, and then you will extract a weapon. This will result in the DZ East map, including all of its entrances, being unlocked. After you unlock DZ East, the rest is fairly simple. Well, that's relative. You should now be aware of the DZ South mission, which will result in the unlocking of that Dark Zone.

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After that, you will essentially repeat the same process with DZ West - receive mission, complete it, Dark Zone unlocked!

Luckily, the missions that you complete along the way when unlocking The Division 2 's Dark Zones help you gain a better understanding as to what you can expect in these PvPvE areas. Just be sure to keep leveling up, acquiring the best gear you can, and get ready to have some fun.

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What do you think of The Division 2 so far? Is it a vast improvement over the first game? Sound off in the comment section below, or hit me up over on Twitter anarkE7! Thanks, Game Rant! Check it out by clicking here or listen below.

Make sure to subscribe now and never miss an episode! Remember me on this device Login. Register - Forgot Password. Movies Arrow. TV Arrow. Gaming Arrow. Games Arrow. Systems Arrow. Community Arrow.Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is now available to be experienced via early access, and there is no doubt that a lot of players are currently focusing their efforts on reaching level 30 as fast as possible ahead of the full launch later this week.

This is primarily due to the fact that reaching higher levels means getting better weapons and gear, which will allow players to be more adequately equipped while facing conflicts in the game, and standing a better chance at surviving and getting even higher-tiered loot in the title's PvPvE areas known as Dark Zones. Unlike in The Division 1The Division 2 features three different Dark Zones - DZ East, DZ South, DZ West - and despite there being separate areas this time around, unlocking them each shouldn't be too much of a problem for those who stay on target with the campaign.

To unlock the Dark Zones at the outset, The Division 2 players will need to play through the game's main story campaign and upgrade the Theater Settlement to Level 3.

Thereafter, players ought to be able to encounter a new recruit, Senait Ezera. This area should contain players that range from Levels 10 to 19, as well as different AI enemies. To start, one will be tasked with heading to the DZ East Main Entrance, which is marked on the map with a gate icon. They ought to be guided by waypoints to open the Dark Zone's gate and extract a weapon therein.

When completed, the full DZ East map and all of its entrances should be unlocked. Once these tutorial missions are completed, players ought to have gained full access to each DZ location. Recruit Senait Ezera. Share Tweet Email 0.

Division 2 Dark Zone Explained: Different Dark Zones, Level Caps & More

Where to Find Wendigo Colossus in Fallout How to Get Compound Bow in Fallout Grounded Will Feature an Arachnophobia Mode.Becoming an elite agent means you're going to need to follow our Division 2 Dark Zone guide and learn everything there is to know about the treacherous areas of Washington D. Other than Skirmish, The Division 2 Dark Zone is the only place you can engage in player vs player combat, but there's also the threat of AI enemies to deal with at the same time.

Staying alive means you can get some of the best guns in the game, but it's not easy. Read on for our Division 2 Dark Zone guide for tips on helping you do just that. You can't even get into the Division 2 Dark Zone until you recruit the Dark Zone Operator, Senait Ezra after completing three settlement project missions for the Theatre. If the Dark Zone's a priority then make sure you work through all the Theatre specific missions until you get a message to talk to Senait, after which she'll move to the White House to set up shop.

To actually access the Division 2 Dark Zones you'll have to complete a series of Dark Zone recon missions each of the three areas.

These will introduce each place as well as initially teach you about contaminated loot, extraction and so on. Each Dark Zone Recon mission has to be done in order and has its own level requirements so you can't just plow through them all straight away. It's the most involved of the mission as you activate turrets, map the area and extract your first bit of loot.

This area most resembles the Dark Zone you know and love? In terms of loadout think snipers and range. It's a slightly different area that's more densely constructed and closed in, meaning less visibility and plenty of places to hide. For players of the last game it might evoke memories of the expansion area Dark Zone North. Because it's all very claustrophobic and closed in it's a good place for assault rifles, SMGs and shotguns - basically anything with strength at close to medium range. It has a much shorter tutorial mission you don't worry to much about going through all the motions again.

In terms of what to expect this is a mid-point between the previous two zones, mixing urban areas and a little more space. Because it's not quite as compact it's good for mid-range weapons so bring the assault rifles and LMGs. While you can enter at least the first Dark Zone as soon as you unlock Senait Ezra it's probably best to pay attention to how Dark Zone levels and bracketing works.

Gear normalisation tries to even out campaign level differences between you and other players but matchmaking will still group you together in level-brackets based on your game level not Dark Zone level soand The important thing to understand is that despite that normalisation you are going to struggle a little as a level 3 player in a level bracket, while as a level 19 player you'll enjoy the bracket. When you're in the endgame stages things get a little tougher because the game groups all four World Tiers together, so a first World Tier player is in for a challenge.

The Division 2 Dark Zone level progression is a completely different and separate system to the rest of the game. The most important part which is that you'll unlock a new tier of perks every five levels.

This include things like getting more XP, an increased chance of finding Dark Zone Keys, daily rewards, faster actions as a rogue agent, a reduced rogue timer or even getting to keep a contaminated item if you die. You level up in the Dark Zone by earning DZ XP in a similar way to the main game - so by killing enemies and other players especially roguesas well as discovering locations, collectibles and so on.

If you can pull it off, finding landmark can yield a ton of DZ XP when they spawn a high level enemy - defeating them gets you loads of experience and some good gear as well. If that's your plan then search them out quick as other players can clear them out before you get there. You have to go through the process of waiting for a helicopter to arrive so you can load your DZ gear on it and get it out.

The trouble is everyone for miles around knows that, making you a huge target for attack. Because of the risk a good recommendation is to avoid triggering extraction yourself and wait for someone else to do it. You can then hang back and see how it all goes down before you approach.After completing three missions and upgrading the Theater settlement, head back there and locate her easily with the orange icon onscreen.

Talking to her will unlock the Dark Zone recon missions, starting with the East, then South, and West. New to The Division 2 is the introduction of the Normalization mechanic. Simply bring up your map in The Division 2 and look for the orange arrow icons to identify an extraction point.

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As always, be on the lookout for other players who might be out to steal your loot. And just like in the first game, you can go rogue in The Division 2.

This time around, there are three rogue levels. The regular grey icon gets attached to your username when you hoard DZ drops for yourself, or when you break open locked chests to get loot. Lastly, you get the Manhunt icon when you continuously kill other players, and the bounty on your head will increase even further.

Be sure to check our Division 2 guide wiki for more tips and information on the game. Connect with us.

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