Dark godlike naruto konoha bashing fanfiction

Hello, now that Captured in her Eyes is finished, I wanted to start a new Naruto story. The story was somewhat inspired by 'One Man Team', but mostly that concerns Naruto's mentality.

He won't be an idiot in this story. This story contains Sasuke and Sakura bashing, perhaps it will end after some time and it's mainly Sakura bashing. So who doesn't like that shouldn't read this story. No pairings as of yet. As usual I don't own Naruto and that holds true for the whole story.

A person clad in dark grey was rushing from one shadow of a house to another shadow. Nobody noticed as the person was fast.

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Nothing could be noticed that would identify the person. Just as it was the intention of said person. If he would be identified there would be massive accusations about him doing something illegal. Which would only result in him getting dragged to the old man again. No, he had other plans tonight. The empty streets of his home village, he used the term home very loosely, were working well for his plans. Finally he reached his hideout.

dark godlike naruto konoha bashing fanfiction

He pressed a stone in a wall and said wall glided aside soundlessly, the wonders of silencing seals, and let him in. As soon as he had walked inside, the wall slid back, pretending nothing of interest could be found there.

dark godlike naruto konoha bashing fanfiction

The person lit a lantern and now features could be identified. The Person was about one meter and fifty in height, slim, male and wearing dark grey pants that were taped with black bandages at the ankles and a long sleeved grey shirt that was kept in place with grey arm guards.Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Founder: silentman97 - Stories: 78 - Followers: - Staff: 3 - id: Any story where Naruto isn't that annoying ball of sunshine such as in canon, or has some actual skills up to and including bloodline and demonic powers, as well as exceptionally dark crossovers. His true father had to watch as Kyuubi was sealed into his newborn son and sent into a world of hatred. And now, he wants Vengeance. Read and Review Please. Darker Naruto.

I do not own Naruto. Then HE became one of them. Naruto will prove that even as a Hollow, life is determined by one's own beliefs, and shake the foundation of the spiritual world as a result.

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The Sly Fox by monkies ate my sisters reviews Ichigo really wasn't expecting much. They bust in, get Rukia, and bust out. No problems. Piece of cake. That is, if Urahara didn't invite some Well, every plan has it's twists and turns, right?

This one just happened to be blonde. Now he has been released from his sleep and now vows to restore Hueco Mundo to it's former glory when he ruled over it.

So why is he going to High School?

The Hollow, that many claim is immortal, is more powerful than any Hollow he has ever seen. However, the Hollow calls people by different names, and has memories of a different world.

Now the Soul Society is after the Hollow, and, unexpectedly, so are the Arrancar. It is up to Ichigo, and a selected few to save the world Smart and strong Naruto, ready to crush anyone in his way if he can get away with it. No showing off involved, he'll be clever and patient schemer. This sets of a chain of event in his quest to make his family pay for neglecting him in favor of his older Brother, Nawaki jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. Shattered Eyes by Lithius Osmius reviews Tears of liquid silver will be shed as Naruto struggles to master a new Bloodline Limit that surpasses all, even the Rin'negan.

Look into his eyes, the shattered mirrors of the soul. AU, Epic Length, pairings undecided. Monster of the Stars by Isom reviews After a beating Shinigami has enough and gets Kyuubi and w figures of the past to help him. Where would Naruto be now? Terms of Service.Also available as: Epub txt pdf mobi lit. The ninja council room was full.

As always, the Hokage was at the front, flanked by her council.

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The civilian members and clan heads were sat on cushions in front of her. The representative was sat to the right, in front of a small desk. The Hokage offered a far deeper bow. She was secure enough not to have to play those games. And that her glare might be carrying her rather large irritation. Killing instinct was a curious thing; at its heart was the knowledge that you could kill someone forty seven ways with just a toothpick, a business card and a blue inflatable pig.

Tsunade nodded once. An ANBU member blinked in and executed the loud mouth. His blood dropped onto the floor, before he was hauled out of the way. Tsunade sighed and pulled out her wallet. Tsunade glared at them until they shut up. As such, we need to discuss punishment.

She needed one. Danzo frowned again. He needs to be dealt with, before he becomes a problem. Uzumaki failed the mission, he must be punished. As such, he will be punished. The punishment must be banishment. Tsunade looked to the side, to see Tsume raise her hand. Tsunade nodded. I hereby tender my resignation as Hokage. The civilians were now looking a little put out, but not to worried, even as Danzo was looking gleeful.

Tsunade had memorised the name of every single ninja under her command. A legacy of her predecessor. Tsunade shook her head, even as the door opened and five of her Jounin trooped in. Everyone looked at Tsume, who was holding her hands up, before they looked to see Anko whistling innocently. My honourable and most youthful eternal rival, Hatake Kakashi Kakashi looked up from his book.

Tsunade looked at the council members, and sighed internally. Kakashi took the lead, and demonstrated the creation of tags.

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It was an instinctive reaction.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title.

I will be back for you 2. Six Years Later Godfather vs. Godson 4. Mortal Kombat in the Spring Country. All of his friends abandon him, disown him, spit and beat on him. All of them, except Hinata It has been six years since Naruto Uzumaki's death or in other's cases disappearance. Things have changed for the worst in the Leaf Village. The Sand Village tore up their agreement with each other and would only come to aid the Leaf if war affected both villages.

Wave still had to pay off their A-rank mission, but the Country had told Tsunade that they hated the Leaf and the next time they tried to make the Uzumaki Naruto bridge the Uchiha Sasuke bridge, the ninja were going to be sent back to their village in a box with two holes. The Spring Country was horrified and Koyuki had ten samurais back her up when she stormed through the village ordering for Tsunade's presence and when Koyuki was told of the reason for Naruto's execution, she was furious and tore apart the agreement between Konoha and her country.

Because of them giving most of the credit to the Uchiha, she also refused to be a part of Jiraiya's Icha Icha movie, causing him to have a heart attack that Tsunade nearly lost him three times. Needless to say, Konoha was in the shits Along with Orochimaru using Konoha's weakness to his advantage, he decided to whittle down their forces, several genin teams captured and used for experiments while some jounin or ABNU teams go missing and it was driving Tsunade mad.

Then Iwa and Kumo started to get in on the action until it developed into what some were beginning to call the start of the Fourth Ninja War. Hinata Hyuuga: [Hair grown to back-length, held up in a braid, fishnet shirt with a dark lavender shirt and silver and purple jacket, skin-tight black ABNU pants taped down to ninja sandals and shin protectors. Black knuckle-less, fingerless gloves] Hinata over the years grew into a dangerous young woman, that has a cold front to those that didn't have her respect.

She hates all of the Rookie 9 and jounin who attacked Naruto.

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They try to get close to her, but she blocked them at every turn. She became one of Konoha's deadliest kunoichis with her death strike that is on par with Tsunade's strength. She only converses with Konohamaru and his two friends and spends time training and increasing her power to never to put under the thumb of her clan, the Uchiha or the Inuzuka. Neji Hyuuga: [S.Authors Note: My first work, my first fanfiction. Been reading fanfics for a few weeks now and thought I would try it out.

Please review and favorite if you like.

Godlike naruto banished fanfiction konoha bashing

This fanfiction will be a godlike, dark, alpha, harem, Team 7, council, many people bashing, maybe turn sakura into the harem if you guys want. Naruto gets a lot of women! RTN Hinata! Naruto Uzumaki is your average normal five-year-old child doing what your average five-year-old child things. Receiving undivided love and attention from his father, Minato Namikaze, Konoha's Yondaime Hokage, the Yellow Flash, the strongest shinobi of his generation, and his mother, Kushina Uzumaki, the infamous Red Hot-blooded Habanero, expert Kenjutsu user.

You would think being born with such a big name already behind you your road to becoming a great shinobi would be short and easy. You would think Naruto would become a strong shinobi of Konoha and a prime candidate for the Hokage being the son of the great Yondaime Hokage. You would think his life would be full of love and happiness even with the hardships of a shinobi's life.

The day Naruto Uzumaki was born, the most unfortunate thing occurs. The Great Kyuubi no Yoko appeared and began his assault. Yes, the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, strongest of all the tailed-beast, seemed to poof into existence and started to rampage through the Village Hidden in the Leaves.

Being the Hokage, Minato had to leave Kushina's side and exercise his duty to protect his village at all cost. Minato, using his famous Hiraishin no Jutsu, teleported the kitsune away from Konoha and began to battle the fox. However, Minato, being the genius he is, knew he stood no chance to face the demon. Thinking of all scenarios' to stop his assault, he came to only one solution. He had to seal the beast away inside someone.

However, it couldn't be anyone, being the strongest of all the tailed-beast, only a newborn baby could handle it; pure, innocent baby without a shred of opinion or say. Minato began to think of all possible vessels for the kitsune and came to one choice, one choice he dreaded to choose.

Yes, he had to seal the demon into HIS newborn baby for he lacked the heart of bestowing such a burden to another parent's child. When Minato arrived to retrieve his child and prepare begin the sealing Kushina had argued with all her power, throwing empty threats left and right at him. You can't do this to our son! There has to be another way! Do not fret my love, have faith in him! Kushina looked at him with wide eyes and open her mouth to argue, but nothing ever came.

She knew he was right, this was the only way, and there was no other seal strong enough to seal the beast. All she could do was look away as tears began flow off her cheek. Sarutobi Hiruzen had just arrived to the battlefield and found a dead Minato and a very loud Naruto with a seal on his stomach.

Him and the rest of the shinobi could on frown at the scene, as they all understood what had happen. Sarutobi was thinking differently from all of them though.Age : Sex : Male.

Godlike naruto banished fanfiction konoha bashing

Hair: Brown. Eye Color: Brown. HT: 6'3. Anime characters I like:.

dark godlike naruto konoha bashing fanfiction

Goku DBZ. Gohan DBZ. Vegito DBZ. Gogeta DBZ. Piccolo DBZ. Hercule he's funny! Dende DBZ. Shinji Evangelion. Rei Evangelion. Naruto Naruto! He's the main hero he rocks! Kushina Naruto's mother and previous Kyuubi Jinchuriki! Hinata Naruto's future wife!

dark godlike naruto konoha bashing fanfiction

Itachi He killed his clan to protect his village! He's way better than Sas-GAY! He's so powerful he fought all five kage without much difficulty at all! Tsunade Godaime Hokage's a hottie! Nidaime, 2nd hokage Naruto. Shodaime, 1st Hokage Naruto.

Gaara Naruto. Neji Naruto. Pein naruto. Inuyasha inuyasha. Sesshomaru inuyasha. Koga inuyasha. Ayame inuyasha. Myoga inuyasha. Izayoi Inuyasha's mom is a hottie! Sue me! Inu No Taisho Inuyasha.Story Author Community Forum. You wrote how we as an audien e side with naruto as he is a protagonist, and guess what we also sode with all that he associates with, the hidden leaf.

They have done some dark shit, child brainwaahing, kidnapping, experimentation. They kill, steal, desecrate, murder, slaughter and decieve. There is no moral highground in this world. Anyways, it's really hypocritical that we associate the leaf as the good guys when again they really are no different from the other villages.

Their chunin exams are deadly, and they let preteens take them. They're just smarter about how they do their shit, butin the end of the day it's the same shit as the bloody mist or any other village. They do 'good' actions for allies or to gain allies and a reputation, but say they wouldn't help a hostile nation unless they benefit in some way. Truly disgusting.

The series had much potential went to trash with the whole kaguya crap, and power lvls but the character development was awful. He was annoying. He wanted love when he went out of his way to annoy people. I doubt he gave so much attention to the other orphans.

It really pisses me off that he thinks he can compare to truly shitty childhoods. I also hate how he offers redemption to fucking psychopaths. Gaara made sense, but others like ain or obito or orochimaru with sasuke were nuts and committed unforgivable crimes.

How dare naruto say it's all right when thousands if not millions have suffered. And skill wise, he relies on the kyuubi so much.

True it influences his lack of chakra control, but that is mainly due to his lacking mental capabilities. He spams jutsus that are chakra taxing, when the more competent characters could do so much more with less chakra. It's like he pays millions to cook a dish literally everyone else does with a few dollars.

He lacks skill and relies on this stupidly unfair advantage. He only ever uses rasengan variants and shadow clones! It's pathetic. I thik a fanfi. Where naruto lacks the advantage of the kyuubi will be awesome as the brat would actually be for ed to work to get anything and loses his regenerative advantage. Fu king hell he has many advantages And yeah, he's not a leader. He is impulsive and would bring ruin to everyone as he wouldn't wait for more information before coming to a conclusion.

Thatsaid I respect sakura once she finally started to train because she la ked to advantages given to naruto and sasuke, an OP bloodline and near infiite power. She went really far and developed her own skills and developed really well from the startof the series as luggage.

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